Advancing sustainability through materials discovery.

Solving society's outstanding challenges at the energy-water nexus requires the discovery of materials with radically improved properties. Our lab combines inorganic materials synthesis, electrochemistry, and computation to address society's critical needs.

Uniting computation and experiment for energy science.

From centrifuge to supercomputer and from arc furnace to atomic layer deposition, our lab is equipped with tools for the discovery of new battery materials.

Our strategy uses high-throughput computation to rapidly search for new materials and screen for promising properties. Once we find an interesting target, we experimentally synthesize the material and characterize it. Our studies often explore the electrochemical or transport properties of these new materials.

Experiment computation energy

Welcoming all.

The Warren Lab strives to not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexuality, nationality, race, ethnicity, or religious beliefs. In the spirit of fostering creative research, our lab supports a diversity of people and ideas. We acknowledge that individuals inside and outside our communities face challenges that we may not understand, and we recongize the value of empathy and active lsitening in creating a workplace where everyeone has the opportunity to thrive. We stand with and are commited to the development of individuals from groups that are underrepresented in the academic research community.